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Trū Artwear ~ Beach Resort and Cruise Vacation Wear

Tru-Artwear.ca creates bold and beautiful women's summer clothing that is perfect for your resort vacations and cruises.

Our print designs showcase original Canadian artwork and textile designs by Nadia Bonello.

Our clothing is limited edition. No more than 25 of each piece is made. 

Our pieces are made to order which allows us to minimize our carbon footprint. 

Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions. 

Pack light and travel beautiful, 
Nadia Bonello
CEO | Fashion Textile Designer



*This contest is only open to participants 18 years or older and that are Canadian or Continental USA  residents. 

1.There can only be one winner per draw.

2. The draws will take place in the first week of the following month.

3. The winner will be contacted by email.

4. Winner's name will be posted on Trū Artwear's FB page https://www.facebook.com/TruArtwear/ as well as other social media streams. If you do not wish to have your information posted, please contact me.

5. There are no prize or cash value substitutions.

6. Prizes are sent through standard post. Any Custom's fees are the responsibility of the winner. However, please contact me to let me know this has happened.

** All images are © Trū Artwear Inc.

If you have any questions, feel free to message me.



The Company: Established in 2016 

'Tru-Artwear.ca' is an emerging fashion and travel artwear business based in Ottawa, Canada. The owner, Nadia Bonello, is a self taught digital photo, textile, and graphic artist. She photographs and then designs all images that are used for her apparel. The signature label "Trū Canadian Artwear' is made in Montreal, CA. She is excited to be able to provide women the opportunity to express their unique style through her limited edition clothing and to travel light with her multi-use travel wear.


People have asked me why I have used 'Trū" in my business name. My art starts with a true life, real photograph, plus recent 'life lessons" have taught me the importance of being true to your unique self and your own personal style.

Remember, be true to you,



Quality is extremely important to me. I have carefully sourced manufacturers to ensure that my art is only on products that are up to my high expectations. This means that if a product starts to fall below my standards, then I will discontinue those products.

I am very happy to share the three companies that are being used at present...

~ ArtofWhere is the Canadian company used for the "Trū Canadian ArtWear" line. They print and make the chiffon cardigans, chiffon robes, bodycon dresses, fitted and flared skirts, leggings, and capris for me. Art of Where has a team of employees that print, cut, and sew the products in their production studio in Montreal, Canada.  

~ Redbubble is the Australian company used to manufacture the microfibre polyester scarves, A-line dresses, and contrast tank tops. My products are created at their San Francisco studio in the United States.

~ Society6 is the American company used to manufacture my travel pouch sets and makeup bags. My products are created for me at their North Carolina studio in the United States.                    


B2B ~> Client List 

You can purchase a selection of my work:

~ Online 

~ Trade & Craft Shows

~ Home Parties

~ By Appointment


Found previously at:

~ Just Imagine Boutique in Manotick Village just outside of Ottawa

~'Luxe Boutiques' in Prescott, Ontario. For my American friends, that's just across the bridge from Ogdensburg

~The Arts Market Cafe on Somerset Street in Ottawa, Canada