Trū Artwear: October Newsletter No. 1

Trū Artwear: October Newsletter No. 1




October Deal of the Month!*

Get it for $29.95 + Free Shipping!

This beautiful limited edition  piece is made in a lovely semi-sheer poly-chiffon. It's easy to throw on as a stunning scarf with jeans or use it as a shawl to dress up that little black dress. Great for travel because it's lightweight, plus its large size makes it easy to style in a number of different ways.

*This deal ends October 31st at midnight (EDT) and is only available in Canada and continental USA.

It's a definite must have with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!




This month I introduced a new piece, a chiffon top with sleeves. I’ve had a lot of positive response to it. Right now, I have about 8 different prints and I will be working to add more.


I was really pleased to be able to lower prices on scarves and leggings and hope you are, too!



Travel 🛫

1. TRAVEL ARTICLE: Halloween

I know that dressing up for Halloween is a big thing for some of you! Here’s an article about Halloween fun and fashion around the world taken from

2.  🛩TRAVEL WITH ME ~ Sackville, New Brunswick, Canada

We (my husband and I) got out to Sackville New Brunswick a couple of weeks ago to visit our daughter and boyfriend in Sackville, NB. What a joy to see them and what a lovely little university town. People here were super friendly, the food was WAY better than I had expected and I’ll be talking about what to do, places to stay, and restaurants to go to in upcoming newsletters.

To be continued...



People have asked me if I could sell them my clothing images as prints?

Absolutely! I will be gradually adding ‘Art of Where’ (AOW) Gallery links to all clothing so that you can purchase the image as an art print or canvas.

However, if one of my pieces hasn’t had a link attached to it yet, and you love it, just send me a FB message and I will set one up for you!


Remember this...


🤔 Think About It

If you had to write down TEN things that you are thankful for, could you?

Post your answer on my FB page


The Last Word... ✍🏻

So, it’s been busy around here since the last newsletter. Some work, some play, and a couple of highs and lows… Life:). As a result, with Thanksgiving coming, with all of its plans, worries, and meals to cook, it has made me ponder the concepts of perfection, gratefulness, and happiness.

The older I get, the more I realize that it truly is the little things that bring joy and that life does not need to be big and perfect. If you are waiting for everything to align and perfection to happen then you’re robbing yourself of a lot of joy. Life’s messy:). Happiness is not one thing, it is a collection. It is a collection of silly, quirky, tender moments rather than one big perfect taa-daa! Start noticing the little things that you are grateful for, that make you smile, or laugh, and hold on to them, write them down, collect them, share them, and celebrate them.

Check out this article on being thankful by Lisa Rankin in “Wakeup World”.

Wishing you all a silly, quirky, tender, and grateful Thanksgiving!

Travel on my friends,

~Nadia ✨✌🏻✨  

Artist | Designer | CEO | Geographical and Spiritual Traveller

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