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1.  Ways to Tie a Scarf:

Something I’ve learned over the last year is that a lot of us are intimidated by scarves. It’s true!!! I often hear, I love scarves, but I don’t know what to do with them...

Take a look at my Pinterest board ‘Ways to Tie a Scarf’ and be afraid no longer 🙌🏻. I’m always adding new pins, so check back regularly. In the new year, I'm considering making some scarf style video tutorials as well.



2. My Pick:

Comfortable Travel Shoes

My pick for this month's fashion article is "21 Most Comfortable Shoes Travel Bloggers Swear By" and it comes to us from Alex at

I don't know about you but when I'm travelling if my feet aren't happy the rest of me is soon to follow. You don't want to have to be thinking about how your feet are hurting when you have so many things to see, do, and enjoy. Here are some shoes to think about...



3. Trū Fashion News:

The Christmas Craft Fairs Have Started...

I had my first Christmas/Holiday Craft Sale of the year at Viva Barrhaven Retirement Residence. I brought my limited edition scarves, some tote bags and travel pouch sets, and of course, my draped fashion cardigans and my kimono robes!




I was also at Villa Marconi Retirement Residence on Baseline helping to raise money for the Villa Marconi Foundation. 




Travel 🛫

Travel Article 

1. My pick for this month's travel article comes to us from

 Yay, it's about How to Pack Wine in a Suitcase! Can I say, 'Yay,' again?!!! I'm pretty sure every single one of us has a travel story that involves airports, customs, suitcases, and wine! 

Check this out ~>  I personally like the idea of the 'Wine Diaper' , what about you?



2.  🛩TRAVEL WITH ME ~ Sackville, New Brunswick, Canada           

If you like being close to nature, there's a lot of it within the town of Sackville. You can find the 'Sackville Waterfowl Park' with great walking and running trails and considered the #1 thing to do on Trip Advisor's things to do in Sackville. Next door to it is the 'Tantramar Wetlands Centre' which is a...

"community-based centre of wetlands education specializing in experiential programming aimed at public school students and teachers. Recognized nationally as a centre of excellence, this award-winning project provides exciting wetlands education experiences to over 4,000 visitors annually."

There are also lots of parks and beaches within driving distance! 

Next month, we'll look at some of the shops and restaurants to check out.
To be continued...

Art & Fashion...

For me, the art always shows up first... then comes its transition into fashion.

Note to Self: Add gallery links to all clothing!!!!!

So, as some of you might have noticed I'm still working on adding ‘Art of Where’ (AOW) Gallery links to all clothing, and will probably be working on this for a while... Honestly, the reason is embarrassing, I keep forgetting. All that being said, if one of my clothing pieces hasn’t had an AOW link attached to it yet, and you love it, just send me a message and I will set one up for you!



Ways to Zen...

Find the original FB post @  WildWomanSisterhood

Love Being Kind?

Check out "15 Simple Ways To Be Kind." This is an easy read about being kind to ourselves and others by Cass the YZL manager @ “”. She's so committed to the idea that she created  For, She Is You: an online space to inspire women and girls to be kind to themselves and to support one another.  


The Last Word... ✍🏻

Where did October go????... And, November!

Wishing all of my American friends & followers a

happy, safe, and grateful Thanksgiving!

Travel on my friends,

~Nadia ✨✌🏻✨  

Artist | Designer | CEO | Geographical and Spiritual Traveller

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