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1.  How to Wear Our Draped Chiffon Cardigan

One of the things, I wanted to work on this month was creating a pamphlet to give to customers so that they would know the many ways you can style our draped chiffon cardigan. Here it is!!! This is actually version 2, and yes there will be a version 3. I think version 3 will have 2 more ways to wear our cardigans and them some scarf ideas. 




2. My Pick:

I believe that a great pair of black leggings are a must for travel. So...

My pick for this month's fashion article is once again by Alex at  According to their readers here are the "6 Best Black Leggings" to wear for travel.


3. Trū Fashion News:

We have lots of news and changes coming in the month of January 01.

1. HST: Starting January 01, 2018 I will be adding the HST tax to all purchases. It's time to pay the taxman:).

2. Price Increases: There will be a price increase on shipping and products. Why, you ask? Unfortunately, my clothing, shipping, and business costs have gone up. I hope you can understand, as a small business hoping to thrive, regrettably I have to share some of the pain.

3. Bye, Bye :(  : My travel pouch sets will no longer be sold directly from this shop. I will still have them listed for now.

Here is the link~>   Trū Artwear Home where you can by them directly from the US manufacturer.

4. Etsy Shop: For those of you who feel more comfortable shopping on an Etsy site, I have started an Etsy shop called "True Artwear." It has my draped chiffon cardigans and chiffon kimono robes. Feel free to take a look ~> True Artwear

5. Logo: I'm personally always in the midst of working on a new logo, but think I really need professional help! LOL! Literally and figuratively :)

6. Pics: Finally, here are a couple of pics from my last craft fair... 




Travel 🛫

Travel Article  

1. My pick for this month's travel article also comes to us from

We all have friends who love to travel, so why not give them something they will use on their adventures this Christmas season?

 Check this travel article out ~>  'Best Gift for Frequent Flyers'!


2.  🛩TRAVEL WITH ME ~ Sackville, New Brunswick, Canada           

You can find great food in Sackville. Yes, it's a university town (Mount Allison University), but there are excellent places to eat. My 2 favourite restaurants from the ones we ate at so far are:

1. Coy Wolf Bistro ~ Very nice decor with a little courtyard and kitchen garden. Lots of interesting fresh local choices. By far, the absolute freshest and sweetest oysters I have ever had! 

2. Napul'è Restaurant + Ducky's ~ Real Italian pizza made by a real Italian, Carmine. Best Italian pizza ever and that includes those I have eaten in Italy. You can eat it in the restaurant or order it from Ducky's next door. 


Next month, we'll look at Sackville's music scene. 

To be continued...

Art & Fashion...

'find yourself and be that' ~ Kapten & Son <- (from FB post @ The Chrisalis)

...and that's exactly what I did! It takes time and a lot of courage but it's well worth it. A good place to start is by writing down all the things you loved doing when you were a child and begin re-exploring them.

I'm still working on adding ‘Art of Where’ (AOW) Gallery links to all clothing, and will probably be working on this for a while... 'and that's all I gotta say about that!'



Ways to Zen...

Self Love:

Check out this article about Self Love by Ali Washington. She is a Spiritual Guide, Life Coach, Reiki Master, Holistic Nutritionist and Yoga Teacher who is here to support light workers in finding their truth and living from that place.

You can find Ali:
On Her Website:



The Last Word... ✍🏻

Here's an interesting tidbit... I'm a last minute shopper, hence I haven't started my Christmas shopping yet, but no worries, what will be will be and I'm ok with that. Breathe and be present, don't get lost in the 'stuff' of this season. 

Thank you for being on this wonderful journey with me. Here's a 10% January 2018 coupon code as a small token of my appreciation to those of you who are on my email list. 

Code:   THANKU2018


Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas


Travel on my friends,

~Nadia ✨✌🏻✨  

Artist | Designer | CEO | Geographical and Spiritual Traveller

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